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Spitfire Wallpaper [Series 1] by Mateo-theFox Spitfire Wallpaper [Series 1] by Mateo-theFox
A friend requested I make a Spitfire wallpaper. While searching through vectors, I found this really cool pic of Spitfire with a Spitfire (The airplane) camo suit.

Spitfire vector by :iconviktornewman:

Spitfire cutiemark by :iconcapt-nemo:

Wonderbolts logo by :iconmoongazeponies:

*Edit 9/15/2012: Re-uploaded as a higher quality .jpg*
*Edit 9/7/2013: Uploaded as a png which seems to fix artifacting issues on Windows 8*
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patton360 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
It would be interesting to see what aircraft would best represent the other wonderbolts in terms of their flying characteristics
Mateo-theFox Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
That would indeed be interesting!

Hmm... here is what I'm thinking:

Soarin = P-47 Thunderbolt
Firestreak = BF-109
Fleetfoot = A6M Zero

Those are the only Wonderbolts I know. :shrug:
patton360 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
According to the "Friendship is magic wiki" there is also Blaze, High winds, Lighting streak, Misty, Silver Lining, Surprize and Wave Chill. [link]

There is another mentioned in name only who is Rapidfire. Still has yet to be identified.

Although I have seen others represent Soarin' with the P-51 Mustang I still think the Thunderbolt is a good choice too. Just curious what was it about the Thunderbolt that lead you decide that one for soarin'?

As for Firestreak and Fleetfoot my preferance for their aircraft would be more centered on keeping allied aircraft grouped together for the Wonderbolts and if you were to do a series with the Shadowbolts you could group them with the axis powers aircraft.

My thoughts
Firestreak = P-40 Warhawk

Fleetfoot = P-51 Mustang (For a while I was thinking the DH 98 Mosquito since it was the fastest allied aircraft up until the ME 262 came out but I realized it would be a bit too big for Fleetfoot since it was also a light bomber. Had to think of a smaller aircraft because of what Rarity said about Fleetfoot in the "Sweet and Elite" eps "What Fleetfoot lacks in size she makes up for in speed. Then I thought the Brewster F2A Buffalo would be perfect because of its size but it did fit for speed though. It was one of the early America fighters in the Pacific war of ww2 that was no match for Zero due to its slow max speed of 321 mph compared to the Zero's max speed. I decided on the P-51 because it seemed to be the right combo. of size and speed for fleetfoot)

Lighting Streak = P-38 Lighting

High Winds = F4U Corsair (Whistleing Death) or The RAF's Hawker Hurricane

not sure what allied planes to give the rest right now. ^^;

Of course this just my opinion since you're the one who makes the wallpapers not me
Mateo-theFox Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
"Of course this just my opinion since you're the one who makes the wallpapers not me"
Haha, sure I make a few wallpapers, but I do not make the awesome vectors that I use in my wallpapers.

As for the Thunderbolt for Soarin: I imagine Soarin to be more of a stronger flier vs faster. The Thunderbolt with its larger body looks stronger than the sleek Mustang. Also his coat color makes me think more of the Thunderbolts grey vs the Mustangs silver.

I still think Fleetfoot should be a Zero. If you remember the race track from "Sweet and Elite", it was just a small oval track. The Zero was famous for its speed and agility, both of which would help you dominate on that small track. Also the Zero was small which fits her description even further.

Lightning Streak. Yes, I agree with him being a P-38 Lightning.

Something about Firestreak screams "GERMAN!" to me and the square-ness of his mane reminds me of the square looking cockpit of the BF-109.

It is awesome to meet someone else who knows a thing or two about their WWII planes! :hooray:
patton360 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
Well thanks for enlightening me on your process of choosing planes for those few wonderbolts. Yeah, many of the early allied planes couldn't out turn a Zero early in the war in the Pacific. The P-40 for example had more armor plating around the cockpit and engine than the Zero which made it better for taking Zeros on in head to head shootouts. That was of course one of the tactics used by the "Flying Tigers" pilots while they flew missions in China.

Taking a second look at Fire Streak I did see some German influence in his face and hair. I could see him saying "Ja" (yes) or "Jawohl" (yes sir).

It's amazing sometime how easy it is to find other with similar interests on the Web but in real life it can feel like a wasteland between you and the next person with a similar interest. At least that is what it has seemed like for me my home town. Ever since being introduced to the History channel I've dedicated myself to being a history buff. The ww2 time period is of course one of my fav. What also probably influenced me to have interests in the planes of ww2 is living near the Offutt Airforce base. I've been to their air shows a few times and I've watched the Blue Angels fly over my neighborhood.

I look forward to seeing more of these cool wallpapers in the future. :D
patton360 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
Spitfire dressed as a spitfire

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